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Amazing Little Boy Haircuts for your Kids

The early days of any child are very special for kids, so the parents always try their best to capture these memorable moments. However, if you want your little boy to get the perfect photo, then you must make him look fantastic so that he doesn’t have to embarrass while looking at the pictures of his childhood. There are many things you can try to make your kid look cute and good, but nothing will actually work out if you don’t give him a good hairdo. There are different little boy haircuts available for you to choose them so that you can get your kid one hairdo that look exquisite and perfect. Nowadays, kids are also getting very serious about their looks, so you have to make sure to get his own opinions with regards to the hairdo that make him look more handsome and cool. First, you have to decide the looks you want from your child and then leave the rest to your hairstylist. If you’re giving a real haircut to your child, then just understand that your son is not a baby anymore.

Little Boy Haircuts

Whether you are finding the style to let him wear for a yearbook photo or on his first day, you can check out these haircuts.

Layered Bob Hairstyle

little boy haircuts

Side Swept Haircut

side swept haircut

Kids’ hair are so tender, so it’s not fair to chop them off, so this simple style is preferred by most parents as it makes things easier for them. If you want to achieve this style, then all you have to follow the division of natural hair and then brush in sideways. It is preppy style and too cute to be ordinary as it gives your boy a look appropriate for his age. Sometimes you can combine it with the undercut and it is most suitable for the shape of round, triangular and oval faces.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

This hairstyle is also called “spikes” and it looks really good with the long hair. This is a tapered haircut and quite similar with the Mohawk with no closely shaved sides. It is clean, dignified and probably the best option for conservative parents, who do not like details on their kids’ hair. If you try this hairdo on your little boy, he’ll be the coolest kid in his school.

Long Afro Haircut

afro haircut

Long afro haircut is very common in black kids. Kids also look so gorgeous in long afro hairstyle because it’s really cute haircut.


Bald Shaved Boy

bald shaved

Model Style Spiky Haircut

Spikes with short sides

Kids look so handsome in some special hairstyles, Model spiky haircut is one of the most popular and trendy hairstyle for kids. Most parents choose this haircut and capture lots of pictures to save memories for their kids. Because in this hairstyle baby boy looks like a hero.

Curly Haircut

curly haircut

Cornrows Haircut

cornrows haircut

Long Layered Bob Haircut

long layered bob haircut

Top Knot in Back

Top Knot

Pompadour Haircut


Long Layered Haircut

Long layered haircut

Straight Down thin Haircutstraight down haircut

Spiky Haircut

spiky haircut

Beachy Long Haircut

Long Hair

Majority of the parents prefer to keep the length short as it is easy to maintain, but there are few, who think that kids look gorgeous with long hair. This haircut has a lot of texture with long bangs, supported by the razor touch around the ears and neck. The special thing about this hairdo is that it doesn’t actually make your kid look like he just returned from the salon.

Funky Side Swept Haircut

Funky Side swept

Twisted Afro

twisted afro

Pop Star Haircut

pop star harcut

Short Faux-Hawk

short faux hawk

Little boy Shaggy Haircut


Shaggy is one of the perfect little boy haircuts. This hairstyle looks really juvenile with nice long bangs and is perfect for kids, who can easily carry the long haircut. You should keep things whimsical by leaving the naturally shaggy locks around the ear. Also, make sure that the textured bangs should fall above the eyes of your kid so that you can see his lovely eyes.

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