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Glow in the Dark Hair Dye

The hair fashion trends are changing as people find the old styles boring. They are looking for something new and exceptional with which they can make their outlook more appealing. Nevertheless, you have a chance now to fulfill this desire as you get glow in the dark hair dye. With it, you can be a stand out in parties and functions. However, not recommended for formal occasions as the tone is highly casual. In this article, we are going to discuss some points on glow in the dark hair as well as our pick in terms of perfect dye.

Where it all Came from?

It all began when the hairstylist, Guy Tang, blasted internet with a video that went on to be viral. He is a professional stylist and an expert when it comes to hair. First, he posted images on Instagram of model whom he styles with glow in the dark dye and later, on his youtube channel, he released the video of a process involving this style. Due to the complications, it is advised that one should not try it at home until he has appropriate hair coloring training and a good experience backing it up. Even for the professionals that have been in this field for a few years, things may get tricky.

What Glows in the Dark Hair Color Actually is?

You must have been to parties at night where the laser and neon fall on your head and make it glow. Think of a dark place with no such lights and still, you are able to make your hair glow and stand out. Seems amazing but pretty much hard to achieve. Yes, it is hard to get the perfect hair glow. Yet, you can give it a try, and a good professional will help you in achieving right look with this hairstyle.

What are different color options?

The hair are mostly colored bright. Different stylists follow various color combinations. However, they usually opt for the lighter and brighter tones. You might have seen someone around you with rainbow glow hair dye. The neon color is involved, and it also depends on the choice of the person who is getting the hairstyle that what tone he likes the most.

Our pick: Pravana Chromasilk Vivids Violet

As our pick, we have the Parvana ChromasilkVivids as the perfect glow in the dark hair dye for your hair. It is a lavish glow hair dye that comes with multiple properties which make this product stand out. The ChromaSilk VIVIDS you have in this dye are arguably the most vibrant and long lasting glow dye available in the market. These are the semi-permanent colors which one may apply directly to the clean hair. However, the hair must be dry and should be pre-lightened if you are to get the best look at it. The best part about it is that you do not have to use any developer with it. And it comes in 10 different shades!

Final words

Glow in the dark hair dye is trending when it comes to hairstyles. You can try it for yourself as well. The professionals are there to help you out in achieving the perfect look. Do not try it on your own if you are an amateur or a novice hair color artist.

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