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The Hottest Asian Men Hairstyles in 2016

When it comes to fashion there are boundaries. Men and women of all nations and cultures dress according to latest trends in their regions but some aspects of fashion of certain area impress people of other regions. The hairstyle of Asian men is one of their specialties in the fashion industry. You will find unique and attractive hairstyles for types of men in Asia. Asian hairstyles usually work best for people with thin hair but anyone can try them because no one know how you would look in any hairstyle unless you give it a try. Most people think that Asian hairstyle looks good if you look like Asian but it is not true because their hairstyles look awesome for all people as they a large number of diverse styles. It is extremely difficult to pick the best one out in the bulky list of hairstyles but we have managed to do so. Here is a list of best Asian men hairstyles that you must know. These hairstyles will change your personality. If you are tired of soldier cuts and mainstream haircuts then you must try one of these hairstyles. You will find more confidence in yourself.

Short and Spiky

Short and Spiky

It is one of the most popular hairstyles in Asian men. Short and Spiky is popular because it suits on every face type and hair density. It looks best with a round face but lots of celebrities with a long and square face also have this style and it is working great for them. The best thing about this hairstyle is that if you are balding from the center and don’t want others to know it then go for this style because spikes will not expose your balding scalp.

Undercut Asian Men Hairstyles

Under cut hairstyle

This style got popularity few years ago when hardcore models with beard and tattoos got this hairstyle but this style is originated from Asia and looks amazing on round faced people. To get Undercut Hairstyle you must have dense hair at the top of your scalp. The basic theme of this hairstyle involves shaved side hair and thick central hair. You can use number three or two machines for shaving sides. You can keep the length of central hair long enough to reach your nose but you will have to gel them backward to attain the best looks.

Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk Hairstyle

The Mohawk Hairstyle is similar to undercut style but the main difference is of intensity and back hair. Mohawk style is about making a clear statement about the difference in the length of side hair and central hair. You must have long and thick hair to get this style. The side hair should be completely shaved in such a way that skin color becomes clear. The black color of hair should not be visible. The length of central hair and back hair should be very long.  You will need gel to set the long hair other this style will not work for you.

Classic Long Hairstyle

Classic long hairstyle

In the list of Asian men hairstyles, long hair style is most common and famous hairstyles.

Pop Star Hairstyle

pop star hairstyle


Short Sides Spiky

Short sides spiky

Rough with Side Sweep

Rough with side sweep

Short Shaggy HairstyleShort Shaggy Hairstyles

Short Pomp HairstyleShort Pomp Hairstyle

Long Shaggy Layers 

asian men hairstyles


Long Side Sweep

Long side sweep

Short Straight

Short straight

Curly Haircut

Curly haircut

Long on top hairstyle

Long on top hairstyle

Decent Short

Decent short

Short Layered Hairstyle

Short Layers

Classy Spiky Hairstyle

Classy spiky hair

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