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How to Braid Short Hair which Looks Amazing

Nothing impossible to do with long hair but if you have short hairs then it is the little bit confusing to choose the right style for them which should be according to fashion and also suitable with short length. You can’t flip your hair over your shoulder, but you must make the style which looks cool according to your personality. If you are tired by using the same style in every day and need a change, then you are right to point. Here we will help you that how to braid short hair and look beautiful.

How to Braid Short Hair ? – 4 Amazing Styles

Here we are going to share four amazing styles for short hair braid. You can check one by one and choose best one for you. You can also check video for step by step guide.

how to braid short hair

1 – Side Braid

Take a comb and brush your hairs either sides of your head. In this style, you need to follow the two braids in front of your head. Due to short hair, this braids may be rough and not look good in the mirror. But keep calm and move ahead. You can also choose on the side for the twist if you think that your hairs not enough for two-sided braids. When completing the braids on each side then combine it in the back of your head with the help of pins. You can check your braid in the mirror and do any amendments if needed.

Check below video for step by step guide about side Braid for short Hair.

2 – Waterfall Braid

With the support of a comb, you should divide your hair into two parts of your head side. Making the smooth of hairs on both sides use the brush correctly on each side. For this style, you need to make French braids on each side. While creating the French on the either sides, you can leave some hairs beneath the style which give you the waterfall look. This method is excellent for those who have the length of their hairs at least the shoulders. But no need to worry because we also manage it for those who want to learn about how to braid short hair for parties and also for regular use. For this purpose, you need to make waterfall braid on one side instead of selecting the whole portion of your head. Create few braids from the selecting section and move towards the back of your head. Repeat this process until the entire hairs are bound in a ponytail.

Watch video for How to Braid Short Hair / Waterfall Braid

3 – Halo Braid

Make your required part with the help of comb for starting this style. You can easily adjust this style in the center of your head. But if you want to do according to fashion then make it on the both sides of your head. Whatever which part you want to choose according to your desire. It totally depends on you. After selecting the part does the brush and flats the hairs on both sides. No doubt, this is the best option to choose for those girls who are worry about short hair braid which gives them amazing, lovely look as the long hairs. For this, you start to make French on each side but towards lower sides of your head. Make secure two braids and give it the beautiful shape of a princess crown. This gives you very different look on the wedding although you have short hair. Due to this quality this braid also famous as around the world twists. Now you can watch you halo braid in your mirror and make further adjustments if required.

Complete video guide for, How to halo braid short hair.

4 – Afro Textures Braid

For making this style correctly, first of all, takes some natural hair oil and massage with it to your scalps. Use a rat tail comb

and divide your hairs into a section to make the work easier for you. This is very easy to make braid for afro textured hairs just need to follow the steps that how to braid short hair in an easy way.

Make the braids on the both sides of your head and pin them with each other. When you finished the making process, you will find your hairs in beautiful vertical look.

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