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How to do French Braid? Step By Step Guide

The braid is now a familiar style with women. Due to its excellent look, women now prefer it more than ever before. There are a lot of ways of making braids. Most of the people do not know about making more than two to three sorts of twists. French braid is one of the many hot braiding styles. Due to its sleek look, it is a favorite style of several women. However, many of them do not know how to do French Braid. So, this article will provide you a step by step guide on how to make a perfect French Braid.

How to do French Braid? Prepare your Hair

Comb your hair properly in order to untangle it. For braiding, ensure that your hair is soft and smooth. If you want a single braid at the back of your head, comb them backward. If you want to have a braid at the side or even more than one braid, brush your hair by parting it into sections. Some women are confused about whether they should braid wet hair or dry hair. You can do it the way you like. However, doing it with wet hair will give you light waves when you open it later on.

Sectioning the Hair

Once you have prepared your hair, start sectioning them. Take a chunk of hair from the top of your head. Ensure that the hair is all taken from one part of hair. Some women take the piece in columnar form. It is wrong. Make it in row i.e. ear to ear. Do not take a chunk in order of top to bottom (front to back). For women with bangs, they can braid the hair in this step by taking them from right above their foreheads. Here is a misconception that the section from which women start defines the length of braid. The section does not have to do anything with the length.

how to do french braid

Parting the Section

In this step, you need to separate the bigger chunk into 3 pieces. These will help you in creating the pattern of your braid. Try your best to ensure that you are creating three even parts. Each piece should be same in length and size.

Start Braiding

Once you have your hair in three different parts, start braiding them in the traditional manner. Maintain a proper hand position and hold two strands in one hand and the third one in the other hand. Start braiding by crossing your right hand over to the center and do the same with your left hand. Repeat it for a few times so that you can get some rows of traditional braids.

Adding new Hair

How to do french braid? If this is your question then follow this step carefully. So you need to follow the braiding pattern mentioned above. However, after a few rows of regular braids, start adding other pieces of your hair. Before you perform the cross-over, add some hair from the side of your head into it. Do it in each cross-over regardless of the amount of hair you add each time. In order to achieve the best French Braid look, take the hair that you are adding near your face and neck as they will not be covered by other strands. The hair that you pick from the center may get covered with other strands.

Finishing the Braid

Keep working down your head and as you reach down the nape of your head, you would have probably added almost all hair into the braid. Then finish the braiding in the traditional style. Secure the end with a ponytail. Do not use the rubber bands as they will damage your hair when you remove them.

So, this is how to do French Braid. Give it a try now and if you do it right, you will have a fantastic look. If you want to know about classic french braid, then you can also watch below video. We hope you will really like this video, because in this amazing video you can also check step by step guide.

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