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How to French Braid your Own Hair with Easy Steps

To make a French style on the other person hairs is a very easy task. It seems some difficult when you want to try it on your hairs. Because for this, you have to work back side of your head with your hands and doing everything properly without seeing it. It is easy to learn because it is just like four strands braids you just keep in your mind what’s steps needs to follow to make the actual sound and right style. Hare we provide a guide for your help which must be made easier the task of how to french braid your own hair in just a few steps.

how to french braid your own hair

How to French Braid your Own Hair with the Help of Few Easy Steps

Here we are going to share some easy steps to style french braid your own hair. So you can follow these amazing steps and can make french braid easily.

Brush your Hairs Towards Back

Start to do work on this style by brushing your hairs and move them to the back side of your head. If you have a little bit rough hairs, that can’t be easy to put in any braid and also control them properly. Then use a hair spray and make the better style. You can also use some good hair gel before starting. Now take the front section of your hair and pull them back of your head with the help of your hands. No need to use brush or comb every time in your hairs. Just make sure you take hair from the both sides of your head in the center. Now you can start a lower braid to the downside of your head.

Start Making Style

Take the three sections of selected hairs in equal thickness. Before going through this process with your hairs just recall in your mind the complete process that how to French braid your own hair as it will make easy your task. After dividing the section take each of them on the finger of your hands. So start it with the step of pulling the left-hand sections of your hair into the left section. After that pull both of them down side. Keep the tight hold on the each step as the looseness of your hair will ruin all the beauty of the style. Be careful as the neatness is the cause of beauty of this style. It is not a big issue that from which side you start to make the style just keep focus to follow the steps continuously until you reached the end point.

Use Finger During the Form Making

Don’t take any comb for this style as it can disturb you. Use your hand finger to make the new section of hairs add the style. You must need to add more strands from each side in the braid while working to the downside of your head. For adding in the braid section doesn’t take the full part of new hairs. It must be the thick layer of your hairs as it is easy to adjust in your braid sides. How to French braid your hair will be easy for you when you keep focusing on this simple process that when and how much more sections of hairs need to add in the braid.

Make a Combine Section in the Center

Make the second part of newly added strands in the same way on which you are already doing work. But each time is putting it up and downside to making it smoothly. Repeat this process on the each side of your hairs. Keep working to make braid like this by adding more strands from both parties as it will cover your all hairs gradually. Doing this in the same way until you’re reached the skull of your hairs. Secure the braids with elastic at the end.

The above guide about how to French braid your own hair is a great source for you to make a charming look in any party and get the attention of your friends and relatives.

Fore  Complete Guide Watch Video (French Braid your Own Hair).

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