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How to Make Your Hair Curly? A Styling Guide

Curls look awesome on almost all hair types. No matter what is the color of your hair, it will always look amazing. When it comes to giving curls to straight hair, most of the people will suggest that you should heat them or blow dry them to do so. However, these are considered as the risky methods by using which your hair may become unhealthy and damaged. So, how to make your hair curly without using the heating elements? Here we have compiled a guide which will tell you how to bring in natural curls to your hair.

How to Make your Hair Curly by Braiding?

You can go with the braiding if your hair is naturally curly to show off your twists. First of all, wash your hair and condition them as you do on regular basis. Then comb them to take out all the tangles. Dry them using a towel and braid your damp hair into two pigtails. Part them from the middle of your head and braid the both sides tightly. Fasten them with a rubber band or a hair tie. For gentle and more natural looking waves, pull the braids apart using your finger. It will loosen them slightly. For loose waves, you can make only one braid at the back of your head. In order to achieve tight curls, you can separate your hair into multiple sections and braid each one of them.

how to make your hair curly

Once you have braided your hair, let it get dry. Mostly, it will take few hours so it is advised that you should do it before going to bed. Once you are done with this process, remove the band and run your fingers through your hair to bring out the curls.

How to Make your Hair Curly using Rollers?

When someone asks you about how to make your hair curly, tell her to do it by using rollers. Go to a nearby shop to purchase the pack of hair rollers. There will be big rollers and small rollers. Big ones will create big curves while the small ones will create small and short curls. After that, go through the regular process of shampooing, conditioning, combing and untangling your hair. After that, take a small section of your hair and roll it up carefully. Put the roller into that section as soon as possible and attach it to your hair as per described by the manufacturers. Repeat it with all your hair (making sections, rolling your hair and tucking the roller in it). Then wait for about 3 to 4 hours before taking out the rollers. Be careful when you take out the rollers. Unpin them from your hair and gently roll them out along with your hair. If you do this process in the right way, you will have amazing curls.

Making Light Waves using Side Buns

To start off with this method, first of all, water your hair. Do not pat them dry! Brush them to take out the tangles. Separate your hair into two sections and twist each section. Ensure that you are twisting them tightly. Once you have twisted your hair, turn them into the side buns and wait for about 6 hours. It is recommended to let them get dry overnight. Open your buns and you will have light waves.

Achieving the Twist Curls

Many people out there ask not only about how to make your hair curly but also about the twist curls. For twist curls, wash your hair and pat them dry. After that, comb them in such a way that they are separated into two different sides. Twist each half of your hair tightly and pin the twists at the top of your head. Let them get try. It usually takes 4 to 6 hours. Afterward, open your hair to enjoy your curls.

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