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How to Put your Hair in a Bun? By Using Different Easy Methods

A bun is very famous and favorite hairstyle among the women while doing the household work or taking sleep at night. It is very comfortable especially in the hot season when you feel disturbance even with your hairs. For carrying the bun for a long time, you must know that how to put your hair in a bun easily. By following this guide, you will learn about different kind of bun which you can use on daily basis in your routine as these are very simple to make.

How to Put your Hair in a Bun ? Different Methods

There are lots of methods to put your hair in a bun. Here we are going to explain some famous and easy methods. Messy Bun, TopKnot, & Braided Bun are hot nowadays. You can check these methods below with explanation. For better understanding, You can also check complete video guide at the end of the article.

how to put your hair in a bun

Check out the top three different fantastic methods.

Messy Bun

Before going to start making a perfect bun, you need to prepare your hair. First of all, make a proper brush to your hair remove all knots which may be present in your hairs. For making the messy bun you just need to take the part of your strands which can pull all the hair from the front of your head. Grab all your hair from front and back and take it to the near of your forehead. For the smooth bun, you can move your bun to the neck side, but you should choose some trendy look. As you are making a messy bun, so that’s why no need to brush your hairs now or don’t try to move your hand fingers in your hairs again and again. Take a hair band and wrap it around the hairs. Make sure that you make at least three covers of the band around your hairs. Take the tail of your hairs and start to wrapping around your ponytail band to cover it properly. After this, you can pin the loose parts of your strands in a different direction, and the messy bun is ready which you can easily carry all day during the household chores.


This is also very easy kind of bun which you will make a little bit guides about how to put your hair in a bun. Topknot is not a style which you can make by choosing a part of your hair. For this, you need to comb your hairs back for a good and smooth look. Taking your all hair in hand and move towards the way of top your head. Make sure no loose hairs live on the side. Now twist this handful in the same direction of your hand. Make a rope with the hairs and knot it in the hairs. You can also use a band around the topknot as elastic has not the ability to catch all the hairs properly. You can also change the direction of topknot to the side for getting a cute and new look.

Braided Bun

If you are going outside for work then must read how to put your hair in bun. For this style, you can choose a part of your hairs or select all the hairs towards. It totally depends on your choice. The braided bun can easily fit and adjust at any portion of your head. Make the three section of your hair and pull with each other tightly. When you come to end with this process than simply take it in your hand and make the bun. Here you don’t need to use any elastic or band in your hair otherwise; they will look in your hair due to the braids. Now wrap the braids into a shape and pin it with every step. If you want to get the different look with your style, then you have the option to pull out some strands outside the bun.

The above article is the best guide for you about how to put your hair in a bun, and I hope after reading it you can quickly try different bun styles with your hairs in regular life with also a trendy look.

How to Put your Hair in a Bun Complete Video Guide

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