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Latest Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

African American women have strong, curly and hard to manage natural hair, which needs such kind of styling that can enhance their beauty without too much of work. They find it extremely hard to manage their hair due to dullness, roughness, and texture of their hair. But now, as the people are more into styling and fashion, natural hairstyles for black women do not look bad at all, rather they look extremely good, classy and trendy. Whether you have short hair or long hair, you will have literally unlimited options to choose from for styling your hair.

What Can Be Done for Natural Hairstyles for Black Women?

There are a lot of different options, which you can go for when you want natural hairstyles. Which look trendy and can help in managing your hair as well. They include;

  1. Updos, it will not only help in protecting your hair but also helps you in managing your hair properly.
  2. Twists make your hair voluminous and look fancy with Updos or loose hairstyles.
  3. Puff is an exquisite and elegant way to style your hair, and when it is accompanied by braids or twists. You will get the best hairstyle for your hair.
  4. Mohawks & Fauxhawks are bold and extravagant styles, especially perfect for black women with natural haircuts. They never go out of style, so you can wear them anytime.

Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

There are many styles and haircuts, which give an inspiring appearance to the person wearing it. Some of the ideas, which can be really useful for black women, are;

Natural Curly

natural hairstyles for black women

When we talk about the natural hairstyles for black women, then curls are top listed. Black women love the curly hair. This is is most beautiful and lovely hairstyle is shown in the picture. It’s look like a bob hairstyle you can say curls in bob hairstyle. So just choose this hairstyle and make your look more fantastic and amazing.

2 Tone Natural Hair

2 Tone Natural Hair

Black women are most interested in dyeing their hair blonde. Because the two tone shade will give their hair an extra style and it never goes out of style.

Natural Twisted Up Hairstyle

Natural Twisted Up Hairstyle

Adding twists to your hair makes you look fancy and maintained. All you need to do is to make some twists and that is all!

Natural Style

crochet braids

Cute coils look amazing and natural as well. So you do not need to work hard to change your hairstyle, rather you can do cute coils. Which always look great on African American women. This style is also known as crochet braids.



Dreadlocks is a traditional hairstyle in black women. In this amazing hairstyle the black women looks so amazing and gorgeous. This is hairstyle is suitable for both long and short hairs.

Short & Steady

Short & Steady

It is a lot easier to manage short hair than long hair, and you can rock short and natural hair without the need to have longer hair.

Stylish Short Braids

stylish short braids

Black people love braids, because it’s very lovely style. There are many variations in this hairstyle. One of the lovely and latest braids style you can see above.

Braids and Twisted Up


According to the research, braids are very common in both men and women. There are various styles you can see in braids, but twisted-up braids is hot hairstyle.

Natural Shaved Hair

natural shaved hair

Most of the women like very short hairstyle because its very easy to cut and easy to maintain.

Afro Hairstyle

afro hairstyle

In African American afro hairstyle is a cultural and traditional hairstyle. Afro can ve wear by both short and long hair women.

Braids on Fleek

braids on fleek

Vintage Curls

vintage curls



Faux Locks



Black women like highlights, there are some latest hairstyles with highlights are given below.

Highlighted Bob

highlighted bob

Brown to Black

Black to brown

Light Purplish

Black to purple

Little Brown

long curly with highlights

Black to Silver Highlights

Black to Silver Highlights

Black to Brown Puff Cut

black to brown puff cut

Adding different shades to your hair makes them ten times cuter and defined. You can style them with braids, bun or twists to add extra fancy look.

These are some hairstyles and haircuts for black women with natural hair to make their life a little easier and fancier than before.

Tips to Get Beautiful Hair for Natural Hairstyles

It is known to everyone that natural hairstyles for black women are not always easy to achieve. So you need to take care of your hair with extra steps. You need to apply hair masks and other product to get the shiny and soft look, also, you need to do hair treatments often to get better hair, otherwise, your hair will look dull and rough. You can also check the amazing bob haircuts for black women, we hope you will also like these stunning hairstyles.

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