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Privacy Policy


A privacy policy of a website is a document, which educates the people visiting the website with the information to collect, and what is to be done with that information. It is a summarized explanation of how your visitors will view your website. A privacy policy should contain information about what is the privacy policy about, it should include information about cookies and how to accept or reject cookies, explain about having no harmful consequences and lastly about all the information collected, and how shall it be used.

The privacy policy of “Butaak” is of great importance as it helps us create a bond with our customers providing them assurance. The privacy policy contains all the necessary information that is required by our visitors. This adequate information includes the types of personal information that we receive through this web page and then the type of personal information, which we collected, and how we tend to utilize it.


Web beacons are web bugs or any object which is present at the website, which keeps a record of all that you have navigated to that one single web page. Like web beacons, there are web cookies on every website too. These web cookies identify the users of the website and each user’s activity. If one turns off the web cookies, it will prevent the web beacons from tracking a user’s specific activity on the web page. Therefore, www.butaak.com does not use any cookies for its web page; therefore, no track of consumer activity is being kept.


As web cookies and web beacons are necessary for a site, likewise it is important to have a web server log of the website. Web server logs are records and maintain the history of the page requests. Log files are necessary. It provides the web owners with the information regarding who visited the website and whether they caused any errors or not. Therefore, www.butaak.com also maintains these log files. These log files have specific information about the IP address, the ISP, type of browser, the number of clicks, administration of the site and any other demographic information. This information is not identical to any other personal information.


As having the feature of double click dart cookie, Google uses this cookie to show ads on www.butaak.com. The third-party vendors like Google ads, which it shows are based on the visits of the people on his site. There is an option which Google ad gives to halt the use of DART cookie In addition; you can browse to the content network privacy by visiting the URL – http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html in order to opt out of the DART cookie.


Google AdSense: It advertises and shows links on www.butaak.com which are sent directly to the servers. This way these sites automatically get your IP’s, and another use of another technology gives them access to analyze the efficiency and effectiveness, and they have the option to personalize these.

www.butaak.com has no right or control to these technologies used by the third party advertisers. As an owner of the website, it is important to look at the privacy policy of the third-party ad servers. According to the privacy policy of www.butaak.com, it does not allow to control the web page activities of advertiser’s websites.