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Toddler Boy Haircuts – Make Your Kid More Handsome

Hairstyles are among the primary things, which enhance the look of your personality. So the proper haircut makes you smart and good looking. Hairstyles are equally important for men, women and also for kids. If you have kids, then your kid needs the best haircut, that makes the looks of your toddler more gorgeous. Even the little kids want to stay in style, and they are about to become men so let them do the hairstyles of their choice. However if you tell your child about your decision during a haircut then do choose one of the following toddler boy haircuts according to the texture of your child’s hair.

Toddler Boy Haircuts

Here we are going to share some cute and stylish hairstyles for your kids. You can choose best one haircut for your beloved kid.

Plain Straight Layered Haircut

toddler boy haircuts

Plain straight layered haircut is very common haircut in kids. Because its very easy to maintain and in this hairstyle kids looks so handsome. Mostly Parents prefer this hairstyle for his toddler boy.

 Mop top

mop top haircut

Some boys have straight hair and when they grow long them the natural design of mop head is invented. The hairstyle goes best with the wavy and beautiful hair. The barber has tapered the haircut from the neck and the ears. Do choose the length for your kid and make sure that the hairstyle looks clean. Make the layers bit shaggy instead of short.

The Classic Haircut

classic haircut

When it comes to the perfect hairstyle, the youngsters do choose this style because they are easy to maintain. Boys with thin hair can lay out their hair with the more glossy fashion by using any of the styling product. The bottom hair is short while the top of the head the length of the hair is bit long.

Long and layered

long and layered

The style is very groovy, and boys with straight hair look very trendy. They look very stylish with the long and layered hair. Boys having curly hair or very straight cannot achieve the hairstyle. The hair texture needs to be a bit wavy. It is not similar to mop top because the layered hair is bit side parted with a bang from the front. Barbers use a razor blade to cut the layers which help to keep the look stylish.

Short and Spiky

Naughty boys do have a short and spiky haircut because their moms find the cut easy to maintain, and they does not have to brush it. The barber will use clipper head and blend the style. The spikes can be managed by using any good gel product.

Beach Waves

Beach Waves

Boys look very cute in this hairstyle. The hair texture is not very curly but has long of waves. It looks well maintained if the length of the hair remains short. Make sure that the haircut must be clean around the neck and from the ears. Blend the top hair by using a comb. The hair does not need to be in layers.

Natural Curls

Natural Curls

If your boy is blessed with the natural curls, then do keep the bit longer length. The curls do not have to be in layers. They look great naturally and in the shaggy hairstyle. However if you want to achieve any style you have to use mousse or any styling product.

Short and Round Haircut

short and round

Punk Toddler Haircut

Punk Haircut

Undercut Hairstyle


Curly Brown

Curly Hairstyl

Straight Thin Spikey Haircut

Straight Spikes

Mohawk Style

mohawk style

Rat Tail Haircut

Rat Tail Haircut

Afro Style


Punk Boy Haircut

Punk Boy

Side Swept

side swept

Faux Hawk
Faux Hawk

Faux Mohawk

faux mohawk

Bowl Haircut

Bowl Haircut

Plain Down Hair

plain down hair

Spliced Up Nice

Spliced Up Nice

The razor is used for the layered cutting, and the texture of the boy’s hair does matter. The cut has to remain short and layered. It is similar to the long and layered style. It is one of the famous toddler boy haircuts. Only the tip of the hair is covered, and the bangs are layered. If your kid has thin hair, then it will add volume to the hair.

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