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Top 20 Hottest Short Hairstyles with Bangs

Most people prefer short hair because it is easy to handle. Some hot areas also don’t allow you to keep long hair. Besides, baldness also stops people to grow their hair. All these reasons make short hairstyles the most desirable hairstyle in the world, especially for men. Some women also love the short hair as it gives them more confident and independent look. In professional industries, short hair is considered as the standard style for all employees. Long hair has the natural tendency to improve the looks of the person. Any person with slightly long hair can get hardcore looks with simple intelligent touches but when it comes to short hair it is very difficult to find the bang factor. Moreover, there are lots of styles for short hair that it is very hard to pick the best. We have done the hard job and shortlisted the best styles. Here is a list of the best short hairstyles with bangs. You can select any one of them to stun viewers.  These styles are popular and it will not be difficult to find the expert to get these styles.

Most Popular Short Hairstyles with Bangs List

Here we are going to list down the most popular and hottest hairstyles for short hair with bangs. You can choose one of your favorite style for you from the list given below.

Flat Bangs

Flat bangs

If you have silky hairs and looking for a cute hairstyle with bangs. Then you can choose this amazing and trendy hairstyle for you.

Two Tone Hair with Bangs

short hairstyles with bangs

Short Shag

Short shag

Though the Short Shag hairstyle is old but it is still one of the best hairstyles for short hair as per women hair length standards. It is a layering hairstyle with small layers at the top and longest hair in the middle. Layers at the edges and bottom are also small in size.  In the 1990s, Jennifer Aniston improvised this style and popularized it. This style was at its peak at that time but still in the business due to its impeccable looks.  This style is also good for those women who are growing back their hair after getting bald or cutting them to very small size.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs

Hairstyle with blunt bangs is hot nowadays for round faces. It’s good hairstyle if your hair is thin and short.

Side Waterfall Bangs

Side waterfall bangs

Eye-Grazing Bangs

Eye grazing bangs

Short Blonde with Side Bangs

Short blonde with side bangs

Short Rough Bangs

Short rough Bangs

Thick Bangs Hairstyle

Thick bangs

The Flapper Reborn

The Flapper Reborn


Flapper hairstyle is the style of 1920 and it has reborn after almost a century. Now it is called as The Flapper Reborn. This styling is about curling the tips of the hair. If you have short and plain hair and wondering what to do to make your hair look amazing then this style is for you. You can curl tips of all hair to get the ultimate flapper hairstyle. The size of curls depends on your hair size. If you have hair smaller than your shoulders then use small size curlers to get this style otherwise use medium sized curlers.

Bowl Oval Bangs

Bowl oval bangs

Two Tone Straight Bangs

short hairstyles with bangs

Side Swept Bangs with Undercut Hairstyle


Side swept bangs with undercut

Short Hairstyle with Swept Back Bangs


Swept Back Bangs

Straight Medium Bangs

Straight medium bangs

Side Bangs

Side bangs

Blonde Bob Straight Bangs

Blonde bob straight bangs

Short Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs

Short Hairstyle with Curly Bangs

Curly bangs

Black Hair with Straight Bangs

Straight bangs

Copper Crush

Copper crush

In the list of short hairstyle with bangs, the Copper Crush hairstyle is hot. And  it’s more about the color of the hair rather than cutting. This styling includes the dyeing of hair with a shade of red which looks like copper wires. It is a bold color and gives unique looks because very few women have the guts to go for this style. You can go for this style if you have the fair complexion and ready to do something special to refresh your looks. Women with short hair love this style because it diverts the attention from small hair and gives them vibrant looks.

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